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RESUME writing is tough.

In order to get the interview, you have to:

  • stand out from a sea of sameness
  • communicate that you offer incredible value to their organization
  • And do this in six seconds or less.

Let's face it, the modern day job search is like those talent competition shows on TV. Thousands of people try out, a few hundred qualified contestants get to audition in front of the judges. Then it's round and rounds of performances over weeks and months. Then the top four finalists compete for one spot. A winner is chosen. 

It's not going to be you 99 percent of the time. 

At Real Word Agency we work to help you get the interview. We follow one simple recipe. We use equal parts marketing communications principles (positioning, branding, targeted messages), and teaching, then we add a dash of cheerleader -- we've totally got your back. 

In addition to how-tos on our blog, you'll find resume templates, resume examples and tips for communicating your value to prospective employers. 

Using the same principles that marketing agencies use to sell toothpaste and cars, I'll teach you how to get the interview and get the work that you l-o-v-e.

How I can help you get the interview

  • You'll finally figure out what kind of work you love to and what types of work enhance your talents rather than waste them.
  • Learn how to write a highly targeted, engaging resume that tells hiring managers and recruiter that you are the person for the job.
  • Repurpose your awesome resume to a SEO LinkedIn profile, custom cover letter and talking points for your interview. 
  • Build a beautiful portfolio website to showcase your work.
  • To use social media to build a powerful lead-generating machine.